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Communications via written paper were not made for today's dynamic business environment. Paper is static and the information can not be used for the processes behond. Email is being used as the solution of the problems. But it´s unsecure even with signitures and also the information in it or in the attached document can not used in a technichal environment. Processes are interupted all times by using paper, email or even document in a lot of formats.

LASTOS is using today's technology  to enable an innovative communicationway. The LASTOS System supports business agility and usability unlike any other enterprise system today.

LASTOS set´s the focus on your and your customers business process, to meet all the needs. That takes us to a next level of Management Services.

LASTOS provides Enterprise Business Services online, in fact Document Services as part of Document Logitics. Paper, unsecure email and not 100% report information on documents are things of the past.

LASTOS is built to support the governance, compliance, legislative and reporting needs of today's multinational organization.

We provide solutions - Document Services - , all in one system to use for everybody, that are

  • Document Logistics
  • Document Management.
  • Formular Management.

LASTOS provides also Management Service, that are:

  • Coaching for Management Processes (Project Management etc.)
  • Project Management, Project Controlling
  • Business Process management.




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