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LASTOS Support Service

Our hosting operations, support services, and implementation services will help both your project team and your workforce operate independently and productively around the world. Customer service is one of LASTOS's core values, and our founder and CEO Oliver Schmidt is recognized throughout the industry for his commitment to customers. You can be sure that those values and Oliver's passion inspire our team to make your team successful.

Hosting Operations

LASTOS's hosting operations engineers configure and maintain the hardware, software, and secure environments needed to run your LASTOS applications. Our team, processes and systems are transparent to you, allowing your IT department to focus on other business needs.

Our facility and your data are tightly controlled, with minimal access points, the strongest encryption technology available, multiple firewalls, and locked physical facilities. We also run secure, raided backups nightly and store your fully encrypted backups in fire-safe off-site vaults.

In the event of unexpected emergencies, our systems remain reliable. We've configured all servers and other networking components in a fully redundant architecture, and our facilities are equipped with supplementary power generators and air conditioners.

We also conveniently manage all hardware and software updates to your system. We schedule regular maintenance as needed, and we notify you in advance of any system downtime.

Support Services

LASTOS provides a dedicated account manager for project support and coordination. Your account manager will be an extension of your project team and will advocate internally at LASTOS for your project and needs. Clearly, good business is about strong relationships, and our service experts will take whatever steps necessary to build a relationship that lasts.

For additional support, you'll use email access, internet resources, and direct phone numbers to ask questions, log issues, or search for incident solutions

Implementation Services

Our architecture is flexible and so is our implementation model. We're prepared to work the way you want to work. We will collaborate with the third-party business partners of your choice, or we can provide our own experienced implementation consultants or integration engineers to supplement your project.

To further support your implementation, we look to our technology. Our data conversion tools take advantage of our web services architecture to ease mapping and data loads of your employee, organization, and job data. We'll use this same technology to develop the interfaces you need from LASTOS to your system or providers, and others. Once built, LASTOS will manage these interfaces for you.

While our goal is to build a system that is so intuitive that any internet user can be immediately productive, we realize that training and education are still key to a successful project. For our early customers, our education program starts with a detailed product orientation and hands-on system training. We follow up with a business process workshop where we map your processes into our system and configure LASTOS to meet your specific needs. Then, through almost constant contact, we transfer knowledge to your core implementation team.

As our education strategy evolves based on experiences with our early customers, we expect that customers and partners will have access to classroom experiences, online training opportunities, and other knowledge transfer sessions to help build self-sufficiency.



LASTOS liefert heute, was die Nutzung von Email für die Zukunft verspricht.

-Oliver Schmidt, CEO